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Privacy StatementAt Dar Al Sharq, honoring your trust in us with your personal information is of the utmost importance. We work tirelessly to ensure your privacy when you log onto our websites to utilize the services we provide is respected. Please review our privacy statement carefully to learn more about our privacy protection practices. We run an online services that provides its users with the opportunity to place an advertisement, promote, and/or sell their products and/or services, etc. on the Dar Al Sharq “Al Waseet” website. By visiting the website via computer device, smart phone, tablet or otherwise, you here by declare your compliance with the practices mentioned below.From time to time, we are at liberty to change our privacy policies as we fit, and so, it is your responsibility to review them routinely. By logging onto Dar Al Sharq’s “Al Waseet” website, you here by declare your compliance with the website’s privacy policy that is applicable at the time. Data

We do not collect personal data aimlessly and without purpose, but we rather do in the content of daily use of of our website, and in compliance with the state of Qatar’s legal framework. We do not in any way shape or form, relay your personal information to a third party illegal. In logging onto our website to utilize its services, we may collect some personal data through the following sources:Data provided by you: We may collect or obtain your personal data when you contact us through email account or personal contact number, or through any other means. Data provided to the general public: We may collect or obtain your personal data that you make available to the general public, through social media platforms for example (we may collect personal data made available through your social media account/accounts, when you publish any written or photographic material on our website.)Application data: We may collect or obtain your personal data when you download one of our apps and then using them.Data provided through the website: we may collect or obtain your personal data when you visit our website.Registration Data: We may collect or obtain your personal data when you log into our website or our app.Content and advertisement data: If you chose to interact with any third party advertisement posted on Dar Al Sharq’s “Al Waseet” website or through its app, we may receive personal data about you from the concerned third party.

Reciving data from third parties: We may collect or obtain personal data that we receive from third parties and that includes credit reference agencies, law enforcement authorities, etc. The disclosure of identification data to third partiesWe at Dar Al Sharq’s “Al Waseet” website do not disclose any third parties, either for promotional purposes or any other purposes for that matter, purposefully or otherwise. We also take all the necessary steps to maintain the privacy and security of said data, and the disclosure that data, accidental or otherwise, is prohibited and unauthorized, unless mandatory in compliance with the laws, regulations, and provisions of any country, and/or government. Data securityWe implement all appropriate technical and corporate security measures specifically designed to protect your personal data from accidental or unlawful damage, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized access and other forms of unlawful or unauthorized processing in accordance with the law.Because the Internet is an open network, the transfer of information over the Internet is not completely secure. Although we implement all reasonable measures to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data sent to us over the Internet, and therefore, you bear the risk related to sending data over the Internet as well as the responsibility for ensuring that any personal data you send to us is sent to us securely.